Sponsorship opportunities. Burning Man & innovation research presentations.

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By Grant Hall

Hi Everyone,

As I mentioned in my previous post, my research project exploring the links between Burning Man and innovation is progressing very well, and later this month, I’ll  start introducing my findings to the world through research presentations in Australia and Italy (you can click here to learn more about the presentations).

The presentation in Venice, Italy, is part of  AIMAC 2019, the 15th International Conference on Arts and Cultural Management.  The AIMAC conference is the oldest, largest and most prestigious conference dedicated to the management of arts and culture. Attendance at AIMAC will  provide me with a unique opportunity to:

  • present my research at the best available international forum;
  • hear from dozens of expert speakers sharing the latest international research about arts and cultural management;
  • choose from over 25 sessions each focused on a different aspect of arts and cultural management
  • attend a doctoral symposium about arts and cultural management;
  • network with leading thinkers in the international arts and cultural management field;
  • have my research included in the published proceedings of the conference;
  • accelerate my learning about the links between arts festivals and innovation; and
  • garner new knowledge and share it.

I am currently seeking sponsorship to support my attendence the conference. In return for sponsorship, I am able to provide the following:

  • display of your logo within the presentation slides
  • display of your logo on each page of the project webpage (www.artsfestivalsinnovation.com)
  • verbal acknowledgement of your support at the end of each presentation related to this research project
  • written acknowledgement of your support in any subsequent academic papers that stem from this research project
  • a blog post announcing your support at www.artsfestivalsinnovation.com which you can subsequently share via your organisation’s social media
  • acknowledgement on my personal social media (LinkedIn and Twitter)
  • a digital copy of each academic paper that stems from this research project
  • a digital copy of the preceedings of the AIMAC conference (if available)
  • A debriefing session about the latest academic research in the arts and cultural sector, as gleaned from the conference
  • The opportunity for me to present my research findings, or a workshop based on my findings, at your workplace (key themes: innovation, creativity, transformative learning, arts and co-creation experiences).

If this is of interest to you, please click here to contact me!

I’d like to acknowledge the existing supporters of this research project.

  • University of South Australia
  • The Australian Government
  • The Honourable Steven Marshall MP, Premier of South Australia

Thanks for your interest and support!

Grant Hall

Project leader and researcher.